Purpose statement

Recently, I took an e-course that came as part of a purchase I made for some e-books. Have you ever thought about what your individual purpose statement would be? In the course, we were challenged to create a purpose statement that defined why you were put on this earth. Now, I am a firm believer that God put us on this earth for a purpose and we should strive to complete that purpose. However, that does not mean I know what my purpose is. I think as we grow older that our purpose may change for the season of life that we are in. My purpose statement currently, shows that I am a wife, mother, and educator. With my faith being  a vital part of my life, it is also included. So, I decided to write my purpose statement and share it with you.

My purpose is to honor my husband in both words and actions. To be the best mother I can be and show my sons both love and respect. To educate others to become the best nurse that they can be. To live my life knowing that God loves me and has a specific design for my life. And most importantly, my purpose is to be a light that can be used by God to show love to others.

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