With election day being tomorrow, the posts on social media has been “special”. Everyone has an opinion about why their candidate is the best, or more commonly, why the other candidate is not fit. This election more than others in the past has been filled with drama by the media and concern from many. I know who I am voting for tomorrow. Of course, I hope others vote the same way as me, but what if they don’t. What if the candidate that I chose does not win? What would my response be?

I claim to be a child of God, a christian. As I have prayed about the election, the thought that keeps coming to mind is “God is in control”. That sounds like a simple statement, but do we truly believe it? I don’t think we do. We should pray, we should vote, we should hope for the best… we should also trust that God is in control. He knows the end. He knows what will happen before it happens. Guess what? He is still in control regardless of what happens.

I live in an amazing country! Many men and women have fought hard to keep us free. Tomorrow I will go vote, as for now and in the days to come I will pray and trust God.

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