Scary day

So this post is very personal. Sorry to kinda just disappear for a while. For the past few weeks I have been battling something scary. So here is the story:

I have had migraines for about 12 years. Some years I have them a lot, other years just a couple of times of year. During nursing school, they got so bad, I was classified as having a disability. Trust me when I say, nursing school is hard enough without any additional struggles. Anyways, one Wednesday I went out to lunch with some co-workers (& my boss) and during lunch I got an aura. My typical aura is flashing lights. I already had a slight headache, so I took some Motrin. Usually, ibuprofen will lessen my migraines enough to allow me to make it until the end of the work day. NOT THIS TIME! By the time I got back to my office, I was miserable. I turned off the lights and laid my head down on my desk. Keep in mind the back wall of my office is completely glass. I ended up leaving the faculty meeting slightly early. I took my usual medicines and went to bed.

The next morning,the right side of my face was tingling and my right arm was tingling and felt odd. As the morning progressed, my arm got progressively weaker. the only positive note was the headache was gone. My Dean took me to the ER, where they did a stroke protocol. When that was negative, I was sent home.

I went to my personal doctor the next day who thought it was a hemiplegic migraine. Something I had never heard of. A neurologist confirmed the diagnosis. I am still waiting on a MRI/MRA and EEG. At this time it looks like this may be my new reality.

So basically, when this happens, I look like I had a stroke although the weakness eventually gets better. It took two weeks for my right hand to get better this time. It is quite difficult to function when you are right handed. Part of me is really hoping that this was a once in a lifetime experience. We shall see….

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