So as 2016 is coming to an end, many people begin to think about the upcoming year. I know some people who make new year resolutions. However, statistically the vast majority of people do not keep those resolutions. In the past, I have made resolutions and in all honesty, I did not keep them.

For the past few years, I have skipped the new year’s resolutions and chose a word for the year. This year I am going to try something different…similar to resolutions, but goals.  Specific goals for specific areas of my life. I have not worked out all of the details for the goals yet.

So far my categories are spiritual, financial, career, personal, and family. I really want to only focus on one, maybe two, goals for the year. For example, my financial goal is to make a budget each month AND begin to seriously pay off my student loan. Unfortunately, I have A LOT of student loan debt. Paying it off is going to take a while, but the sooner we get started the better off we will be.

So I decided to purchase a planner that will keep me focused, specifically I purchased the living well planner. I have read great reviews and I love planners. I am curious to see if the planner will help me stay on track with my goals this year. What are your goals for 2017? Do you make new year’s resolutions?

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